Handcrafted Catholic Jewelry by Immaculata Designs

This blog post has been brewing in me for well over a year.  I have seen the storm on the Etsy horizon for quite a while, but really believed that it wouldn’t effect me; a small, Catholic rosary maker!  Well, I was wrong!  What started out as Etsy promoting their hipster, work life balance attitude has turned into something much more sinister. Grace Dobush in her article, How Etsy Alienated Its Crafters and Lost Its Soul has done a marvelous job of chronicling the issue of how Etsy started out as a place for Indy crafters and is now seeking an IPO with resellers of Chinese imports as it’s back bone.

Much of my time in 2015 has been focused on moving away from Etsy while still being able to do what I am called to do – help people reclaim their Catholic identity with soul piercing beautiful and heirloom quality religious goods.   I know that through God’s Grace that I will be able to transition this year away from Etsy and grow my online presence with ImmaculataDesigns.com!!!!!

Please, pass this information on and help educate other as to what is going on.  You certainly do not need to throw out the baby with the bath water and never shop at Etsy, but you do need to be aware of how Etsy has changed and be looking for truly handcrafted items!!!!