These words were given to St. Mechtilde, who is the blood sister of St. Gertrude the Great, by Jesus around the year 1300 yet they are still so hopeful and encouraging to my soul today.   It is my prayer that each of us can choose a new start today and offer our soul to Jesus!

Praebe, fili mi, cor tuum mihi— “My child, give Me thy heart.”   This is all the Sacred Heart of Jesus asks from men in return for His love, His sufferings and His grace.

Our Lord gives us His divine Heart in order to receive from us the gift of our hearts. If we give them with joy and confidence, God will guard them so powerfully that we shall not fall into grievous sin. We should therefore strive to increase our knowledge of the Heart of Jesus, and seek to please Him more. In sadness we should take refuge with confidence near this treasure which is bestowed on us, and seek therein our consolation.

The offering of our heart to Jesus is therefore a pledge of perseverance, but it is also in itself one of the greatest joys to His Sacred Heart. As the eagle always seeks in its prey the choicest morsel, the heart, so our Lord always seeks the heart, asking us to give Him this choice morsel.

Mechtilde, understanding this desire, could only exclaim: “O most loving Lord, with what burning desire would I wish to offer Thee my heart!”

And Jesus at once taking Mechtildes heart into His hands inhaled the odour as of a sweet-scented rose. And she said: “What scent can you find in that which contains no good:” and our Lord replied; “Being Myself in they soul, it is My sweetness which is breathed forth from thee. I am the Creator of the whole world, and have no need of any reward, but thou art thyself My reward, for My heavenly Father has given thee to Me as My spouse and daughter.”

Mechtilde then said: “Why, O loving Lord, dost Thou deal so with me who have nothing of good in me?”

He replied: “Solely because, through my goodness, I have placed in thee the delight of My Heart.”

The Love of The Sacred Heart by St. Mechtilde, Chapter XLII p.119